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One of the best ways to reach people with the Gospel is through the internet.

In today’s culture when people have a question they search online. Whether they are buying a car, shopping for a house, or looking for the best Chinese food in their neighborhood, people use the internet to find answers to questions and solutions for their needs. They also use social media as an outlet for rest and escape.

Because of this, placing the Gospel in these channels is essential to reaching people in this generation.

Social media has given added efficiency and fuel to the movement of information. When placed correctly in these channels we can utilize the power of the human “share” and spread the Gospel through social media even using it as a grassroots engine for global prayer.

Concept Church™ uses three platforms to reach people with the Gospel: Site, Search and Social.

We have keyword targeted websites with information about God and other relevant life topics. We use SEO to rank those sites and PPC advertising to promote them. We share Gospel videos on social media that invite people to a personal relationship with Jesus. We also have social media channels with daily Christian encouragement for all who want to follow.

Prayerfully, these are our goals:

1. For the Gospel to spread throughout the world.
2. For people to be equipped with simple action steps to reach their friends and family.
3. For those that receive Christ to find a church home in their community.
4. To glorify Jesus and make Him famous.

Our goal is not only to use digital channels for Gospel movement but to steward the Gospel and our resources with excellence, praying for a 100 fold harvest, for revival and awakening around the world, and for the Kingdom to come in our generation.

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Concept Church - A Digital Media Ministry
Concept Church - A Digital Media Ministry



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Concept Church - A Digital Media Ministry
Concept Church - A Digital Media Ministry